Oops – Blog code formatting problem

Oops – Blog code formatting problem

Hey everyone…

I seem to be having trouble with the formatting of code in my posts. Please by patient while I take the time over the next few days to fix it (hopefully it will be quick). 

Some of my old code snippets have lost their indentation. Many of the snippets seem to do strange things with angle braces and special characters. For example a "string"  seems to come out as &quot;string&quot; , and template <typename X>  seems to completely lose the <typename X>  because it recognizes it incorrectly as a tag1.

Originally I just used <code>  html tags with some css to format it. Then I made the mistake  a few weeks ago (or months, I’m not sure) of installing a WordPress plugin called “Crayon Syntax Highlighter”, and I didn’t notice when it started reformatting all my old posts, but incorrectly. And the new posts seem to have trouble as well – not sure if this is related to recently updating WordPress and plugins and stuff, or backups or exports or what. It doesn’t really matter – I’ll fix it soon. But until then, please be patient. It’ll take a while because I need to go back to all my old posts and see what pieces of code it’s removed or broken and fix them.

  1. why?? 

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